Articles by Lindsay Oxford

Making music in Trump era

“I have to acknowledge that Trump won,” Charles Albright says. “He didn’t just do a mildly successful local band based on the fakeness of celebrity. He rules the world with the fakeness of celebrity.”

Planet V: Buy an omni dessert

Sacramento has flourished in the past decades, with restaurants offering vegan food—desserts, even —that are not just edible but crave-worthy.

A bid for accessible art

Verge Center for the Arts rolls out online art auction—while rolling with the punches Massiel Bobadilla, development director for Verge Center of the Arts, described…

Halloween horror story

Sacramento’s B Street Theatre presents a slasher flick, filmed in real time Are you looking for something spooky this week that doesn’t require you to…

The Vow and what it means to be a documentary rubbernecker

There’s a guilt that comes with infotainment rubbernecking, wanting to see the most salacious bits first, wanting the weirdo to get weirder sooner. It’s a human impulse that existed long before The Vow, but it’s tougher knowing that the documentary’s subjects are in the thick of their own healing as they work to help others disentangle themselves from NXIVM.