Businesses adapt to COVID-19

Desperate measures

Editor’s note: Facing an unrelenting COVID-19 surge, Sacramento County supervisors consider fining businesses that endanger public health With no end in sight to the latest…

Local news on life support

Can a bill before Congress keep communities from falling into the dark? “If newspapers die, the crooks won’t cry,” Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts Jr….

COVID for the holidays

Editor’s note: Yolo County narrowly avoided a stricter lockdown. Now, public health officials there and elsewhere are trying to prevent a spike during the holidays….

Progress lost

Editor’s note: Sacramento County goes backwards on COVID-19 and must limit indoor businesses again Sacramento County took a significant step backwards Nov. 10 in its…

Drive stalls in the red zone

Editor’s note: Sacramento County misses the COVID-19 mark, again, so must wait to reopen more businesses Sacramento County wanted to move to orange by Halloween,…