Letters: Masks, statues, police reform

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Mandatory masks

Re: “Wear a mask” by Foon Rhee (Editor’s note, June 22):

I’ve spoken to management at Safeway, Raley’s, Bel Air and Save Mart, asking: “If someone refuses to wear a mask and it’s not due to ADA issues, what will you do next? How will you enforce the mandatory order?”

Safeway said there’s nothing we can do, while Raley’s/Bel Air said they won’t do anything unless the customer goes crazy and Save Mart said it will take appropriate action on a case-by-case basis.

Where are you supposed to shop in a safe place where people and businesses take this seriously? Do I have to stay at home and order everything by delivery? Is there no place I can shop for groceries where there’s a commitment by management to step forward?

Richard Keys, via sacramento.newsreview.com

Unreasonable order

Due to the governor’s order, the burden placed upon the homeless and low income population has become unreasonable. Essential items such as food should be accessible to all citizens. There are many in the state of California who cannot obtain or afford face masks. If a law is placed requiring one to purchase these goods, they should be provided by the lawmakers who require them. Thank you for addressing these concerns.

Martin Marvich, Sacramento / via email

BLM T-shirt

Re: “In bad taste?” by Lindsay Oxford (Dish, June 25):

Oof. As much as I like Burger Patch, that’s definitely in bad taste.

Ted Samson, via Facebook

Meaning of statues

Re: “Teaching moment” by William Burg (Essay, June 22):

Statues that represent integrity, kindness, wisdom and overcoming inequality cultivate good qualities in society. Statues that remind us of suffering inflicted upon others represent the moral ground of modern society.

Mike Cano via sacramento.newsreview.com

True justice

Re: “A little perspective” by Foon Rhee (Editor’s note, June 18):

Thank you for this reminder that most of what we see on TV and online about police brutality is happening elsewhere, and has been concentrated together because that’s what happens to news.

The now-worldwide protests that were sparked by George Floyd’s death express years, decades and centuries of cruel oppression, whether personal or institutional.

Even without the financial stresses of the pandemic, it would be challenging to find the money to adequately redress the situation. So let’s all think of DIY ways to create true justice by our own free actions as private citizens.

Muriel Strand, Sacramento / via sacramento.newsreview.com

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