Review: Stay Lifted cannabis drops

Yummi Karma's Stay Lifted: Rise and Shine tincture tastes great and even has a little vitamin boost. (Photo by Steph Rodriguez)

When smoking isn’t such a good idea as it makes a person more vulnerable to the coronavirus, more and more cannabis consumers are turning to alternative ways to enjoy its benefits.

Yummi Karma, a California-based, female-owned company makes a delicious-tasting tincture called Stay Lifted: Rise and Shine. Its packaging is pleasant with its peach-colored box and metallic logo, and the dropper is clearly labeled so you can give yourself the recommended 1 milliliter dose. One full dropper contains 10.15 milligrams of THC and .04 mg of CBD.

Once placed under your tongue, let the liquid sit for 10 to 15 seconds before swallowing. It tastes, well, yummy. Its flavor has hints of orange blossom, and it’s made with coconut oil so it also slightly reminded me of melted butterscotch in texture and taste. I tried Stay Lifted one morning when I was feeling especially lethargic. I just wanted to be a little more alert and focused for my work-from-home day ahead. It helped—a lot.

I think tinctures are my new favorite way to consume because it tastes great, it’s a light high and I can even say I took my B-12.

I appreciate this product because it uses all natural ingredients to work in tandem with cannabis, including green tea for that extra boost; guarana, a plant that’s rich in antioxidants that reduces fatigue and improves focus; and vitamin B-12, which increases energy and brain function and also stimulates metabolism.

This was my first time trying tinctures. I hadn’t explored this avenue of cannabis before, but it’s enjoyable because I didn’t feel super baked out of my mind. I felt more calm, more relaxed and, if I’m being honest, a bit more chipper, too. For those who have dietary restrictions, Yummi Karma’s products are gluten-free, soy-free and vegan, and also cruelty-free. I think tinctures are my new favorite way to consume cannabis because it tastes great, it’s a light high and I can even say I took my B-12.

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