Letters: Strong mayor, police reform, Delta tunnel

Mayor Darrell Steinberg proposed policing reforms at an announcement in City Council chambers on June 15. (Photo from city of Sacramento)

Unnecessary move

Re: “‘Strong mayor’ is back” by Foon Rhee (News, July 8):

What has not being a strong mayor prevented him from accomplishing? Rarely a peep of opposition from council or the city manager.

Raymond Sanchez, via Facebook

Not a surprise

A real shocker that Darrell Steinberg isn’t satisfied with his traditional mayoral role. Our esteemed ex-leader of California’s state Senate, for six years running, wants more power. Who saw that coming?

Dorothy Eller, via Facebook

Where does Ashby stand?

Re: “The loudest voice” by Foon Rhee (Editor’s note, July 2):

[Angelique] Ashby has always been in the pocket of police and fire. Now she wants to ride the fence in hopes of keeping their support. Sad, she once ran on reform.

Jim Knapp, via Facebook

A sewer again

Defund the police and Midtown/downtown will devolve into the sewer it was 20 years ago. We already have homeless camping everywhere and methheads stealing everything not bolted down every night. Throw in some Antifa goons and more random violent street crime and we can really give Stockton a run for its money as the armpit of California.

Bill Bixby, via sacramento.newsreview.com

Stop the tunnel

Re: “As state slashes budget, director for proposed Delta tunnel earns twice as much as the governor” by Scott Thomas Anderson (News, June 24):

The water grab will not create any additional water, only rob northern California and destroy the Delta and our farming with salt intrusion and toxic algae and invasive plants. And the taxpayers will pay for it and all the maintenance that hasn’t been talked about much. Stop the tunnel.

Roger Kelly, via sacramento.newsreview.com

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