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Editor’s note: On #GivingNewsday, a special opportunity to support independent journalism

Like everyone else, the SN&R staff is adjusting to life during the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

Almost everyone is working from home, and we’re communicating by email and text (I’m a Zoom holdout). We’re no longer publishing in print, but we’re posting every day to our website. And most of our stories are focused on the local impact of coronavirus.

What hasn’t changed is our mission.

We are watching out for the most vulnerable among us, including the homeless and nursing home residents. We are telling stories that aren’t being covered by other local media outlets, or telling them first. We are keeping public health and elected officials accountable and advocating for transparency. And we continue to give a platform to local artists as well as community voices.

Here’s something else that hasn’t wavered, even during this unprecedented crisis—our commitment. The staff is working half-time (and half-pay), but we’re still writing nearly as many stories as the typical weekly print issue.

We want to keep going.

Today on #GivingNewsday, we’re joining media organizations across America to highlight the vital role of local independent journalism—especially in keeping a community informed and safe in times like these. We ask that you support us.

Like everyone else as we enter the second month of the lockdown, we’re trying to move past crisis mode and figure out what comes next. Eventually, we hope to publish some print editions and bring back some of our contributors, including regular columnists such as Ngaio Bealum and Joey Garcia.

That depends largely on the support of our readers. We’re very grateful for the nearly $33,000 we’ve received in donations since mid-March. And we’re heartened and encouraged by the messages of support.

“I’m on a fixed income, or you know I’d be contributing more. Keep up the great work; we miss the print edition!! Here’s to better days,” wrote Anne Yannello.

Alma Hernandez wrote, “Thank you for your work. It makes our community richer.”

And Sharon Conedy: “You have been there for us for so many years when we needed a good free read. Paper in our hands. The turn of a printed page. Hoping for the best for SN&R.”

I couldn’t put it any better myself.

Our content is free, but not free to produce

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