Letters: Trump cartoons, Golden 1 Center, DA Schubert

June Gillam’s novel ‘House of Hoops’ is set in the aftermath of the city’s development battle over the Golden 1 Center. (Photo by Scott Thomas Anderson)

Trump’s golf game

Re: “Censure culture” by Clay Jones (Editorial cartoon, Feb. 16):

If we take one aspect from Trump’s era we will not see during Biden’s tenure: multiple golf trips. I congratulate the seven Republicans for not being lemmings going over a cliff.

Bryan T. Boatwright, via Facebook

Trump didn’t incite

Re: “Trump acquittal” by Clay Jones (Editorial cartoon, Feb. 13):

Has anyone actually read the transcripts from President Trump’s speech? I challenge anyone to read it, then try and say he “incited” anything except a peaceful march down Pennsylvania Avenue. Let’s see the quote. I’ll be waiting.

Rob Riley, via Facebook

Bad arena deal

Re: “Developer influence, fears of community disintegration woven into new Sacramento thriller” by Scott Thomas Anderson (Arts & Culture, Feb. 11):

The late Grantland Johnson once told a crowd that it was widely acknowledged throughout the state that local governments in the Sacramento region were the state’s most favorable to developers. This is not a contest we want to win. Darrell Steinberg told ECOS that he was proud of preserving the “asset” of the Kings.

Yet the city owns the arena, so no property tax, and a white elephant if the Kings leave, and the Kings can extort more money…er, I mean threaten to leave, any time. Of course the city got no stake in the real asset. Forbes says the team was worth twice what Ranadive and his plutocratic friends paid for it once they got the subsidy. But hey! It’s an asset, I tell you!

Adam Eran, via sacramento.newsreview.com

Impartial justice

Re: “Schubert for attorney general?” by Foon Rhee (Editor’s note, Feb. 11):

“Our legal and ethical duty is to enforce the law, not make the law”… except for people of color, and then its OK to make (imagine) laws against them, or if they are law enforcement, in which case it is not OK to enforce the law.

Dan Allison, via sacramento.newsreview.com

Pick public defender

We don’t need a punitive prosecutor for California AG. How about Newsom picks a public defender instead?

Muriel Strand, via sacramento.newsreview.com

Teacher mistreated

Re: “Judge rules that Twin Rivers School District retaliated against whistle-blowing teacher” by Scott Thomas Anderson (News, Feb. 2):

I know this teacher personally and he was all four of my kids’ homeschool teacher. The amount of BS he always had to endure is appalling. I wrote a letter to the school board expressing my concern for his mistreatment, along with a lot of other parents. I truly hope he gets the justice he deserves! Our teachers need to be treated with respect!

Maria Rodriguez, via sacramento.newsreview.com

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