Letters: Biden, Republicans, law enforcement, etc.

Joe Biden campaigns in Iowa during the Democratic primaries. (Photo by Gage Skidmore for Wiki Commons)

No time for compromise

Re: “How to make progress in the next four years” by Jeff vonKaenel (Greenlight, Dec. 15):

Jeff vonKaenel is calling for compromise between the right and the left, and paints a picture of these poor disenfranchised Republicans who voted for Donald Trump because they truly believed he was going to be responsive to their interests. His plea is simple. “The left needs to revise our political priorities away from issues that increase polarization.”

Well, we’re so sorry things have been hard for you the past four years. It must have been really sad for you to hear about people dying in the streets, either at the hands of cops, exposure to the elements or simply because they couldn’t get health care during a global pandemic. But these issues are a priority, and they shouldn’t be polarizing. And we’re not going to keep our voices down to spare your feelings. So I have a request for you: You can step back, because there are people who are willing to step up.

Veronica Lara, via sacramento.newsreview.com

Obstructionist GOP

I don’t disagree with your priorities, and there are issues that can achieve consensus, but I ask that you remember what happened last time we had a centrist president, Barack Obama. The Republican Party stonewalled progress during that time, particularly refusing to allow filling of judgeships. There is reason to believe that it will be much worse this time, with our new centrist president, Joe Biden.

Dan Allison, via sacramento.newsreview.com

Costly lawsuits

Re: “Three years after a sheriff’s vehicle paralyzed her, a 12-year-old girl has died” by Raheem F. Hosseini (News, Dec. 21):

My heart goes out to the family, but the county should not be paying out these suits worth $10 million. These are the types of things that will bankrupt local governments and ensure a lack of public services. The same goes for every victim of a police shooting where the family then collects huge settlements because of nitwit juries.

Bill Bixby, via sacramento.newsreview.com

Balanced budgets

Re: “Making police reform work in Sacramento” by Foon Rhee (Editor’s note, Dec. 14):

City and county budgets should shift funding so as to prioritize citizen safety. And from a larger perspective, since needs always exceed revenues, budgets should be based on percentages for the key sectors of city administration and services, not just absolute amounts.

Muriel Strand, via sacramento.newsreview.com

Curious timing

Re: “As requests to carry concealed firearms soared, Sacramento’s pro-gun sheriff holstered his approval” by Raheem F. Hosseini (News, Dec. 10):

Please note that Sheriff Scott Jones’s increased rejection of concealed carry permits coincides with the increasing numbers of gun purchases (and applications) from people of color, the LGBT+ community and a more diverse group of citizens than in the past. It is also interesting to note the increase in gun purchases has occurred without a corresponding uptick in gun violence. Anti-gun activists should consider moderating their stance and their rhetoric on this divisive issue unless their intent is to exacerbate the divisions in our community.

Beverly Schmidkunz Boido, via email

Shameful protest

I am writing to let you know how ashamed I am of the group from the Sikh community who blocked Highway 50 on Dec. 19 to protest a farming law in India. It was utter lawless behavior, standing on their trucks, waving out of sunroofs and wearing no masks. This kind of behavior should never be tolerated. I hope the California Highway Patrol cited all those who participated in this outrageous behavior that broke the law and inconvenienced countless people who could not get to their destinations in time.

George Abraham, via email

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