Letters: Folsom politics, police reform

Roger Gaylord looks over planning documents for the city of Folsom. (Photo courtesy of city of Folsom)

A manipulator

Re: “Folsom political maverick steps down” by Scott Thomas Anderson (News, June 17):

Roger Gaylord wasn’t a maverick. He was a manipulator who generated endless self-promotional Facebook posts he would share with carefully cultivated followers.

Gaylord was often dismissive and insulting of constituents with legitimate questions about his policies and political motivations, and he took regular pot shots at City Council members. After burning through his political capital, he would lament that it was unfair that he wasn’t considered for mayor. This led to him to talk of a petition to change the city charter for direct election of the mayor.

He never followed through with the petition, and he has now resigned. He continues to try to play the victim, blaming the mayor, rather than his own missteps in establishing Folsom residency mandated by law. It’s time for Folsom to move on. We need council members who know how to interact constructively, without all of the high school-level drama we have seen during Gaylord’s time.

Chris Patterson, via sacramento.newsreview.com

Puppet masters

It is sad that such a beautiful and small city could become what most people who live in a small city wanted to avoid or left in the first place. With all of the talk about defunding police, it seems viable to do the same to a city’s leadership if they are beholden to the sources that paid for their seats.

We could save the resources and just allow the people pulling the strings to operate the city and save on the puppets.

Jeff Garcia, via sacramento.newsreview.com

Not the status quo

We will miss Roger. He was so thoughtful and different from the status quo. “South of 50” has once again asked and received more water despite saying they didn’t need it. And so it goes.

Beth Kelly, via sacramento.newsreview.com

More of the same

Re: “Fundamental change?” by Foon Rhee (News, June 15):

I feel like we’re just repeating things that have already been done rather than actually making changes.

Cat Xia, via Facebook

Not unusual

Re: “Inside an officer’s secret file” by Raheem F. Hosseini (News, June 16):

Outrageous, but I now suspect, not unusual.

Angela Schilz, via sacramento.newsreview.com

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