Letters: Homeless, renters, coronavirus, etc.

No help for homeless

Re: “Help the homeless, help stem the pandemic” by Bob Erlenbusch and Faye Wilson Kennedy (Essay, April 1):

Myself and my spouse have been homeless for more than six years now and have not once been counted, approached or offered any assistance whatsoever. I have worked whenever I could; we are respectful to the community and others, try to go unnoticed, never litter or cause any harm to anyone or our surroundings. We do not like to be looked at as homeless by the public because of the way they are perceived.

We hear about all this talk from politicians on what they are doing for the homeless, yet have seen nothing. A lot of money has been allocated to help eliminate homelessness, but the only thing we can see so far is the government hiring people to do a study. How is that helping the situation? Somebody needs to step up and actually do something! Where is all this money going? Can anyone answer that question?

Sean Svoboda, Citrus Heights / via SN&R Extra

Give property owners a break

Re: “Sacramento evictions dropped for nine years in a row. That’s about to change” by Raheem F. Hosseini (News, April 7);

No problem. Just ask Sacramento County to give property owners a property tax holiday. Forgive property taxes in 2020. Public employees should take a pay cut, and public employee pension recipients should forgo their payments for 2020.

Kent Krizman, Sacramento / via SN&R Extra

Seeing is believing

Re: “Sacramento tries to stop a COVID-19 disaster in its homeless camps” by Scott Thomas Anderson (News, April 8):

Great! When will these new facilities actually be available and inhabited?

Muriel Strand, Sacramento / via Facebook

Don’t punish students

I don’t know why the school districts are so hyped-up in getting students computers and on getting lessons online. The districts had plenty of time to adjust for such an abrupt change in our society. Seniors graduating this June should be allowed to graduate one way or another. Teachers and administrators can only grade what they have. You can’t start where you left off, but you can start and move on.

Sue Yamada, Sacramento / via U.S. mail

Cleaner leaf blowers

Re: “A big dust-up?” by Foon Rhee (Editor’s note, April 2):

Just move to battery-powered [leaf blowers]. They’re not as powerful yet, but they will still do the job.

Mark Beach, Sacramento / via Facebook

Pay a fair share

Re: “The deadbeat state” by Rick Stevenson (Essay, March 25):

Thank you for your essay. I bet many people did not know that the state does not pay taxes on its property in Sacramento. The state should pay its fair share.

Lee Miller / via SN&R Extra

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