Learn to draw

(Illustrations by Rachel Mayfield)

Let your creativity run wild

Another week of staying at home, another opportunity to draw something new. This week, we’ll learn how to draw one of history’s most memorable inventions: A moving vehicle.

Step 1: Bumper

Let’s start off with the front bumper, an absolute necessity. It’s one of the few things protecting a moving vehicle from rocks, trees and dense weeds. Just draw a few curved lines, and you’re finished.

Step 2: Hood

Ever thought a moving vehicle needed something to cover up the engine? That’s where the hood comes in. It’s on the front, and it’s pretty good at covering engines, boilers, fluids—you get the idea. In addition to the hood, draw some extra lines on each side for the wheel wells.

Step 3: Headlights

You’re going to have to turn on those headlights if you want to see anything in the dark. Put some circles on the front end of each wheel well. Wow, things are looking much brighter now!

Step 4: Body

Vroom, vroom! It’s time to outline the rest of this bad boy. Draw an overarching line for the body, plus a smaller wheel well in the back. Don’t forget lines for the driver’s seat door, and a foot board at the bottom.

Step 5: Windows

Windows are a great option for those who enjoy looking outside a moving vehicle. Draw one large windshield on the front, and two smaller windows on the side.

Step 6: Tires

If a moving vehicle wants to go anywhere, you might want to look into getting some tires. Make sure they go under the wheel wells, otherwise you’re in big trouble.

Step 7: Details

These extra details aren’t necessary, but they can make your moving vehicle look a tad more slick. Frivolous items include: A side view mirror, a door handle and a gas cap hatch.

Step 8: Snakes

Unfortunately, the average moving vehicle can’t move all by itself. At least five snakes are needed to operate it, sometimes more. Ask any mechanic and they’ll tell you the same thing: No snakes, no movement. You can draw them however you like, hanging out the windows, tasting the air, having a little fun.

Step 9: Motion Lines

How will anyone be able to tell if your moving vehicle is actually moving, you ask? That’s easy, just draw three short lines behind the vehicle to show that it’s hurtling forward at breakneck speed.


Great job! Not only did we learn how to draw a moving vehicle, but we also learned a little something about mechanical engineering along the way. Isn’t drawing fun?

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