Letters: Coronavirus, Trump, taxes, etc.

Trump propaganda

We received a postcard from President Trump in our mailbox. It states in bold letters: “PRESIDENT TRUMP’S CORONAVIRUS GUIDELINES FOR AMERICA.” Reading through this, it recites the rules that have been in the media for weeks about protection from the virus.

So what purpose is this serving? The answer is so clear that Trump’s enablers are using this, at taxpayer expense, to promote Trump as a caring hero who is coming to our rescue in our time of need.

This is pure propaganda. Where’s the outrage?

Irene Smith, Newcastle / via email

Another tax hike

Re: “Bad timing?” by Foon Rhee (News, March 25):

There you go, pat yourself on the back for tackling the issues and coming up with the creative answers that no one else could come up with through countless hours of negotiation and strategic long range planning. We have a problem=let’s raise taxes. We are brilliant!”

Kevin Manning / via Facebook

Survival test

Re: “Will we pass this test?” by Foon Rhee (Editor’s note, March 19):

Remember fellow humans, this is a test—and not some bulls–t “spiritual” test. I am talking about human survival. Each and every one of us is being tested on how we react, survive and overcome this “test”—each and every one of us! I wish you all the very best of luck.

Victor Morales, Sacramento / via email

Tax burden rising

Will City Hall bite the bullet?” by Foon Rhee (Editor’s note, March 19):

I much rather doubt the city of Sacramento will make any tough decisions regarding reasonably “fixing” the budget. As an owner of a house in the city, I have seen my utility bill for water, sewer & garbage, etc., double over the last 10 years. Do we get double the services?

City leaders are in the pockets of the unions, and as such, taxpayers and ratepayers, and thus tenants will bear the burden of their follies. And you wonder why the cost of housing is so high in California?

Ernest Abe, Sacramento / via email

Living his dream

Re: “Augie Maravilla, owner of Rocket Records” by Lindsay Oxford (15 Minutes, March 30):

Augie is one of the most pleasant people you will ever meet. He loves records. He cares about people. Now he’s living his dream. Go Augie, go. He also does good works in the community.

Ron Kay, Sacramento / via SN&R Extra

Listen to customers

Re: “The right solar power” by Lee Miller (Essay, March 19):

It is unbelievable that SMUD isn’t jumping and thanking people with rooftop solar, as well as encouraging more people to get it. There are no costs to SMUD when a homeowner gets rooftop solar, and SMUD and all SMUD customers get the benefits.

Isn’t SMUD owned by its customers? They should listen to their customers. We want to have rooftop solar to help with reducing fossil fuels as an energy source, we want to help SMUD achieve the 2045 goal of using all renewable energy. Come on SMUD, do the right thing for your customers and the planet. Encourage more rooftop solar systems, the world needs you to be the leaders you once were.

Stacy Kalstrom / via SN&R Extra

We need rooftop solar

Re: “The right solar power” by Lee Miller (Essay, March 19):

We need solar panels on all new construction. Actually, we need them on any appropriate rooftop, new or old. SMUD’s SolarShares project could lead to tamping down rooftop solar. Hopefully, contractors and consumers will see the disadvantages of SolarShares.

In the meantime, SMUD should be planning for clean energy sources that will allow them to shut down fossil fuel burning plants. That time has come much the same way the time had come to close the nuclear plant years ago. We are in a climate emergency that requires rapid intervention.

Megan Shumway / via SN&R Extra

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