Journey to Scovidria

After months at home, Luna Steele makes a strange discovery that brings her to the kingdom of Scovidria This is the story of a Dungeons…

Adventure in place

How Dungeon & Dragon’s fantasy world has carried people through the pandemic You’re standing in front of a simple wooden door with a brass handle….

Sacramento arts roundup

Abstract, photo-realistic and ceramic art exhibitions opened this month. Plus, new grants for artists. Even with COVID-19 forcing businesses to close again, some local art…

From Tupperware, with love

And so I bake. I bake as an excuse to leave the house, if only briefly. If my friends are home, we’ll talk through screen doors, catch up a bit. If they’re working, or if their health doesn’t allow it, I’ll send a text in advance so the food doesn’t languish in Sacramento’s summer heat. However the food gets delivered, I’ve made a real, human connection with someone I love in a time when I—we—need it so much.

Going to seed

The nation’s largest organic garden supply company tries to keep with pandemic-fueled demand Patricia Boudier realized early on that 2020 would be a year like…