Trump contracted COVID and Twitter reacted

CNN footage of President Trump departing for Walter Reed medical center on Friday.

They didn’t know when they would be called upon, but they answered the call when it came.

No, not those nutball Q’Anon freaks or those limp-necked Proud Boys losers. We’re talking about the Twitter army, who met the breakneck developments about President Trump’s inevitable COVID-19 diagnosis and flight to Walter Reed with jaw-dropped shock, clear-eyed perspective and a surprising amount of restraint (for Twitter, anyway).

For a day, at least, entrenched thumb warriors reacted to the chaos threatening to tear apart the political fabric of this nation with a tired smirk and a gallows’ observation.

There was also plenty of searching skepticism, context sharing and no small amount of understandable Schadenfreude from folks who have watched 200,000 of their neighbors perish from a virus the president downplayed, diminished and disrespected.

Like his opponent, we wish Donald Trump a speedy recovery. Like the rest of this traumatized nation, we understand the mental health break of allowing each other an honest moment.

Here are some of the more memorable moments from the insane past 24 hours:

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