Letters: Transit tax, restaurants, homelessness

Dishonesty on Frost

Re: “Let the voters decide” by Glenda Marsh (Essay, May 12):

What a dishonest way to represent Supervisor Sue Frost. I got an email from her that respectfully asked me to provide my opinion, regardless of how I feel. I support the gas tax, and took her opportunity to express myself when I previously had no idea about it. You should be ashamed of your dishonesty.

John Terry, via SN&R Extra

Reason for skepticism

Perhaps Supervisor Sue Frost is being skeptical. So many times in the past taxes were levied on gasoline, but much of the money was spent on things not related to the automobile. Here, this tax would fix roads, streets, mass transit, rail. We shall see how it works out.

Hugh Montgomery, via SN&R Extra

Stop taxing workers

Nope! The working class has paid more than our fair share. No more sales taxes until the rich start paying us back.

Dustin Heron, via Facebook

Terrible timing on tax

This is the wrong time to hit people even harder. They already doubled the gas tax. Use that.

Carl Jay, via Facebook

Easy solution to fees

Re: “Profiteering in a pandemic” by Dylan Hubka and Joshua Wood (Essay, May 13):

If restaurants don’t like food delivery fees from food delivery services, there’s an easy solution: Restaurants can have in-house employees deliver food to customers like pizza places do.

Chris Ha, via Facebook

Pickup order

If people pick up the food they ordered, there will be no delivery fee.

Margit Zsoldos, via Facebook

Homeless are people, too

Re: “Fair-weather fair targets homeless” by Raheem F. Hosseini (News, April 15):

Being homeless does not define one’s identity. It is merely an extremely traumatic situation many of us experience.

“I have a dream that one day we will be judged not by the color of our skin [or socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, etc.] but by the content of our character.” Now I’m paraphrasing Martin Luther King Jr., but the broader dream still stands today. One day history will look back on this time and we will be appalled at our treatment of each other.

I’m most dumbfounded by the statement that because you are homeless, you don’t contribute to society. I, for one, am currently homeless. The area I live in is better because I am there. The world is a better place because I exist, and shame on you for kicking the most vulnerable when they are mostly barely hanging on by a thread.

Joshua Holliday, via SN&R Extra

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