Learn to draw

(Illustrations by Rachel Mayfield)

Try your hand at this fun activity

Feeling a little bored while staying at home? Pull out a pencil and some paper because it’s time to learn something you’ve always wanted to know: How to draw a bug.

Step 1: Body

Start off by drawing the body. Simple, right? You may not see it yet, but you’re well on your way to drawing a stunning and beautiful bug.

Step 2: The rest of the body

Bugs are famous for their long bodies, so don’t stop at step one. Draw some more lines to finish the job.

Step 3: Tail

If you’re going to draw a bug, you’re definitely going to need a tail. This one’s a real dazzler, but don’t let it intimidate you. Just imagine happy little flower petals stretching out towards the morning sun.

Step 4: Leg

A bug’s leg is angular and spindly, like soft, golden straw. Try sketching one out, you might surprise yourself.

Step 5: More legs

Hey that leg turned out pretty good! Now, just keep practicing and draw seven more of these guys.

Step 6: Head

Things are really coming together now. Add on a head at the front, the only place a head should go, honestly.

Step 7: Eyes

Sketch out two circles on the head, color them in and … wow, what a transformation. Take a short break to simply gaze into your bug’s two big eyes.

Step 8: Antennae

Done yet? Let’s move on. A bug can’t feel anything without a proper pair of antennae. Draw two long ones that sprout from the head and fan outward.

Step 9: Claws

Almost there! The only thing left to draw are two big claws, to carry out claw-related tasks.


Congratulations on drawing the perfect bug. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but there’s something special about this one. Maybe it’s his mysterious nature and quiet intensity. Whatever the case, this bug can’t wait to see what you draw next!

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