Letters: Adult ed, zoning, SMUD, etc.

Jerry Yamashita teaches adult learners at Highlands Community Charter School in Sacramento. (Photo courtesy of Highlands Community Charter School)

The power of adult ed

Re: “Not too old to learn” by Jerry Yamashita (Essay, May 26):

I also have witnessed the power of adult education to change lives. I teach English to adult students in Marysville. Many of our students work physically demanding jobs all day (in the fields, doing construction, sorting through garbage at a recycling center, roofing) and then come for four hours each evening to improve their language skills or study for their citizenship test.

One of my students does not drive, so she walks several miles to come to class each day, sometimes through the rain. These students want to improve their lives, become more integrated into the community and set an example for their children. Please don’t take this opportunity away from them! Not only will it be devastating to them, but it will also be a huge loss to the community.

Kayla Brown, via SN&R Extra

Where else can English learners go?

I teach English to adults in Citrus Heights and the Arden-Arcade area in Sacramento. Most of my students are retirement age and are striving to become active citizens. At the adult school, the students learn about important topics that can help them better engage in their communities, such as practicing conversations for the doctor’s office, DMV and law enforcement. This knowledge returns home with them to their families and neighbors so that the lessons learned have a far-reaching effect on more than our students.

Without access to adult schools, I am unsure where my students would be able to learn English and the necessary information needed to engage in their communities. We can either empower these individuals with knowledge, and resources or we can pass this age-cap amendment and leave these individuals behind to fend for themselves. Let’s oppose this age cap on pupils enrolled in charter schools in California.

Kate Thirkill via SN&R Extra

Don’t allow nuisance

A “Winery/Farm Brewery” zoning text amendment that will expose rural residents in residential ag or farm zones to daily noise, traffic and other unacceptable impacts is about to be approved by Placer County.

By allowing unlimited commercial events—weddings, restaurant dining, “happy hours,” etc.—neighbors will experience nuisances. Rural residents support ag operations. Tasting rooms are permitted and growing beer and wine ingredients is a “right to farm” ag activity.

However, commercial events are not a “right;” they belong in commercial zones and are not considered ag operations. This zoning amendment was advanced by a task force with no regard for citizens’ documented problems and complaints from wine/beer events in residential zones.

The amendment is expected to go before county supervisors in June. Citizens should tell supervisors to reject it and to appoint a task force of rural residents to revise it appropriately.

Marilyn Jasper, Loomis / via email

More like PG&E

David Freeman, former CEO of SMUD and a champion of the green energy, recently passed away. Things have changed since the days of Freeman, when SMUD was a leader on conservation and green energy. Sadly, the publicly owned company resembles PG&E more and more every day. SMUD has an obligation to help protect the environment, utilize alternative energy such as solar and restore the confidence of the public.

SMUD is in the process of hiring a new CEO. Now more than ever we need new leadership.

Gisla Dewey, Sacramento / via email

Don’t release criminals

Re: “COVID-19 confirmed at Sacramento jail” by Raheem F. Hosseini (News, May 7):

If you let criminals out of jail with and because of the virus, only a bleeding-heart fool believes they will not then begin deliberately and with great malice a campaign to infect as many others as possible. Also, considering Sacramento county has done little to safely shelter our already homeless population, just where are you going to put the criminals?

I say whoever releases them shall house them under their own roof, and do not even consider tax money spent on long-term motels. Citizens with the virus are told to stay at home unless they become frightfully ill so do the same with prisoners. Their behavior put them in jail, and an illness shared with the entire world is not a reason to walk.

Sara Michael, via SN&R Extra

Another Sac movie

Re: “The land before ‘Lady Bird’” by Lindsay Oxford (Arts & Culture, April 14):

You left out Frances Ha, which stars Greta Gerwig as a Sacramento ex-pat living in NYC. The scenes shot here when she visits her parents are at least as good, from a Sacramento POV, as the scenes in Lady Bird. And it’s a good movie, too.

Judith Poxson, via SN&R Extra

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