Learn to draw

(Illustrations by Rachel Mayfield)

Bring your dreams to life

This week, we are back for another exciting lesson in drawing. So grab your pencil, and get ready to learn how to draw the furniture world’s biggest star, the waterbed.

Step 1: Bed frame

First things first: We’ll need one big box to outline the frame of our waterbed. This is what’s going to hold all those gallons of water in one place, so make sure it’s done right.

Step 2: Bottom of frame

If you’re 100% serious about sleeping in a waterbed, you might want a little distance from the ground. Add a few dimensions underneath the frame to give everything some height.

Step 3: Pillows

Ever tried lying down on a waterbed without any pillows? Yeah, it’s not great. Draw some near the head of the waterbed, where heads typically go.

Step 4: Headboard

Any bed, whether it’s full of water or bone dry, should have a sturdy headboard. You can draw one right there, behind those pillows.

Step 5: Mattress

Draw a smaller rectangle inside the bed frame for your mattress. This is where all the water is safely contained, and it’s what gives every waterbed its distinct, water-y feel. While a waterbed mattress is resilient, remember to avoid wielding sharp objects near it—you definitely don’t want to spring a leak!

Step 6: Brochures

A waterbed doesn’t feel complete until you have a few miscellaneous bedroom items thrown on top. Try drawing some light reading material, such as brochures on “early retirement” or “investing in gold.”


You have now acquired the long-sought-after knowledge of how to draw a waterbed. It’s not every day you get to see one of these, but now you can sketch one out and look at it whenever you like. Very nice!

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