Learn to draw

(Illustrations by Rachel Mayfield)

Put your artistic skills to the test

What’s more beautiful than art? Not much, but if we had to say, probably the harmonious bellowing of a classic pipe organ. Coincidentally, this week we’ll be learning how to draw our very own pipe organ! Go ahead and grab some sheet music, turn it over to the blank side and get ready to draw something you’ve never drawn before.

Step 1: Bench

To start, draw a horizontal surface and two legs underneath for a bench. Technically, you can play a pipe organ just fine without one, but it’s one of those things that’s just nice to have.

Step 2: Shelves

Add a couple of shelves under your bench. These can be used for just about anything—a place to rest your feet, store your sheet music—you name it, these shelves can do it.

Step 3: Frame

Now it’s time to outline the frame of your pipe organ. Draw some lines on each side leading upwards, and add some little decorative elements near the top. Looking good! But wait, that can’t be all, can it?

Step 4: The rest of the frame

It’s not. You still have to draw the rest of the frame, plus two—what would you call them? Cubby-holes? Pockets? They may not have a name, but that doesn’t mean you can’t draw them!

Step 5: Details

You can almost hear this pipe organ’s tunes floating through the air. Just throw a few more details up there to make that wooden framing really pop!

Step 6: Keys

Let’s get this pipe organ functioning. Draw a couple sets of keys to help you hit all the right notes.

Step 7: Pipes

OK, something’s not right … You’re pressing the keys, but no sound is coming out. If this is happening to you, it’s probably because your pipe organ doesn’t have any pipes. Draw a handful of them at the top of the frame, then try hitting a key again. Does it work now?

Step 8: Pedals

Great! Now, to get a little more control over the sounds you’re making, draw some pedals underneath the bench. Then, take them for a spin—try stomping on each of them at least six to eight times, using the full force of your body. That’s music to our ears!

Step 9: Organ stops

OK, something’s not right … You’re pressing the keys, and now too much sound is coming out! No worries, just draw some small round circles for the organ stops in those cubby-holes/pockets. Now, you can plug up air in whichever pipes you feel like plugging up!


That’s quite a pipe organ you got there. Excellent work! We’ll leave you to prepare for your upcoming concert. Looks like it’s in half-an-hour … Good luck, and don’t let us down!

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