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(Illustrations by Rachel Mayfield)

Explore new frontiers and discover nature’s wonders

It’s probably safe to say we’ve all been feeling a little cooped up lately, so let’s get outside and breathe in some fresh air. This week, join us as we visit the Animal Kingdom and take a look at how to draw nature’s most breathtaking mammal: The pika.

Step 1: Ears

Draw two round, fuzzy ears, to start. As a small rodent, pikas are always on high alert for signs of nearby predators. Big round ears are also helpful for picking up the calls of other pikas.

Step 2: Body

A pika’s body is also round, and most importantly, covered in fur. Try outlining the shape of your pika with short lines of fur, and include a forearm near the front of the body.

Step 3: Face

You can’t spell “pika” without “p,” and you can’t draw a pika without a face! Draw an almond-shaped eye and a button nose, and finish outlining the top of the head.

Step 4: Whiskers

Whiskers are always nice to have when you’re in a bind. They also add an air of elegance to your already stunning pika. Draw a few of them sprouting out of your pika’s face.

Step 5: Paws

Yikes! Here comes an eagle, looking for a snack. Draw some little paws on your pika, so it can scramble for safety, quick!

Step 6: Fur

That was close! Next up is more fur. Pikas are mountain creatures, so it helps to have a nice coat of fur to stay warm. Draw some extra lines around the head and body, so your pika doesn’t catch cold.


That’s all it takes to draw a pika! Isn’t he handsome? Wait … something doesn’t feel right … is that … another step?

Step 7: Doritos

A pika is never complete without their favorite meal, Doritos. Draw one near your pika, so he can have a quick lunch. He seems to be brimming with excitement now. Your pika is finally complete. Have a nice lunch, pika!

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