Asked in Oak Park, near Broadway and 34th:

How has gentrification affected you?

“Actually, it hasn’t had an effect on my life. … Anywhere I’m at, I can adapt. It doesn’t matter if it’s low poverty, a rich area. I can adapt to any area.”

Kristina Corbray, health care worker

“I can’t live here. I tried to buy here in 2015 and in my price range, it was all investors.”

Gretchen Frantz, retired

“I teach special ed over at Capitol Heights, just across the way. You’ll notice a big difference between the students I serve just in that building, and then the people around here. The parents complain that they can’t afford to shop anywhere in Oak Park.”

Janysha Franzen, teacher

“I live out in West Sac now, and it was pretty much just because Midtown and downtown were just getting so expensive.”

Isa Avancena, nonprofit worker

“I bought a home [in south Oak Park] that was … more than the other value of the homes around me. The only reason why I felt comfortable doing that was my fiancee is a teacher at Oak Ridge Elementary, so her commute is only down the street.”

Khalil Johnson, energy business

“I don’t let it too much affect me. I’m different. The world is the world and I’m a strong believer in God. Whatever God got for you, got ready for you, that’s what it is.”

Tyrone Woods, lead steward

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