SN&R’s award winners

SN&R won second place in general excellence for the Feb. 7 and Feb. 14, 2019 issues

We won 14 awards in the annual CNPA contest

This week, the California News Publishers Association announced its awards for work that appeared in 2019.

SN&R won 14 for writing, reporting and design. Here are links to our winners, along with the judge’s comments.

In-Depth Reporting, third place, Raheem F. Hosseini

A grisly murder. An illegal confession. A 20-year fight to be free.

“Wonderful story-telling keeps the reader riveted and wanting to know what happens next in both storylines—how the police violated a man’s rights and how he found justice.”

Investigative Reporting, fourth place, Ken Magri

Counterfeit vape cartridges and illness

“The Sacramento News & Review is to be commended for a thorough consumer report that had direct benefit to its readership. The dedication to spend the money to test these cartridges is something all too rarely seen in today’s impoverished newsrooms.”

Breaking News, fourth place, Raheem F. Hosseini, Scott Thomas Anderson, Karlos Rene Ayala, Kris Hooks

The second killing of Stephon Clark

“Compelling story told in a minute by minute fashion. However, if concerned about bias in reporting, perhaps the line”Fruit of the biased tree” could be left out.”

Agricultural Reporting, first place, Scott Thomas Anderson

Hunting poachers

“Well reported and written piece on an interesting topic. Many diverse sources add context to the story. Vivid details set the scene for the reader and show that the author went to great lengths to get the story. Specific facts put the problem into context.”

Profile Story, third place, Raheem F. Hosseini

The marriage guru

“An interesting and in-depth look at an organization promoting shocking approaches to “self help” and marriage advice, focused on the nefarious character behind it. Strong category with several quality entries.”

Profile Story, fourth place, Scott Thomas Anderson

Unbreakable bond

“Richard “Trino” Savala’s contribution to his community is impressive and inspiring. Scott Thomas Anderson’s writing is worthy of recognition among a strong field of entries.”

Feature Story, second place, Scott Thomas Anderson

Midnight burning

“Fantastic story that flowed and left me wanting to learn and keep reading. The punchline at the end of the first section was perfect. It read like a journalism novel. Pieces like this take a lot of in depth research and reporting and require getting sources to open up to you in truly personal and authentic ways. Fantastic work.”

Editorial comment, second place, Staff, Raheem F. Hosseini

The 2019 Grinches: Enablers edition

“Covers a wide range of grinches with succinct and amusing criticism. Betting readers look forward to what looks to be an annual effort.”

Front Page Layout & Design, first place, Maria Ratinova, Sarah Hansel

Feb. 21 (The Longest Drought), May 9 (Job Killer), Aug. 29 (The Triba-dours)

“This was an all-around great entry. The art for each front was splashy, but didn’t trample the meaning and intentions of the cover stories. I would have wanted to pick up the papers right out of the box, and that is what you need to attract readers to the product. The “Job Killers” front was visually stunning and with the robotic hand coming in from the side, it gives an eeriness that many are feeling with some technology this days.”

Inside Page Layout & Design, first place, Sarah Hansel

Music Issue

“The entire spread is bold, colorful and loud — very fitting considering the subject matter. The photos really capture the energy and personality of the artists featured. Wonderful use of color adds pop to the pages without being distracting.”

Inside Page Layout & Design, fifth place, Sarah Hansel

Beer Issue

Special section, fifth place, Maria Ratinova, staff

Best of Sacramento

“Creative category listings, current and colorful design use.”

Illustration, fourth place, Maria Ratinova

Power play

“This is a cool illustration with a noir feel that seems to fit the subject of the story nicely. The few colors used are played deftly against the dark backdrop.”

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