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(Illustrations by Rachel Mayfield)

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Believe it or not, it’s time to draw something new again. This week, the theme is sports. Every kid dreams of growing up to become a baseball, but none have actually achieved that dream. The reasons vary, but it typically has something to do with not being small enough to fit in a baseball glove. La vie est une tragedie! For this installment, we will be drawing the next best thing: A baseball player.

Step 1: Baseball cap

Every ballplayer needs a cap. It’s just like one of those friends who’s always there for you no matter what, shielding your noggin from bright sunlight, and less-bright moonlight. Start with a half-circle, then add a brim and a little button on top.

Step 2: Head

What’s a baseball cap without a head to wear it? A sad, lonely cap. Give your cap some joy and draw an oval with two ears on the sides.

Step 3: Jersey

What team is your baseball player on? You better figure it out quick, you don’t want them to walk into the wrong dugout! Drawing a jersey will definitely help clear things up.

Step 4: Arms

Sometimes, baseball players will throw a baseball. Looking at what we’ve drawn so far, it seems like something this player would also do. Add an arm crossing over their chest, and a couple of small lines on the other side to designate the other arm.

Step 5: Glove

Baseball gloves are pretty useful. Many baseball players will use them to either catch a baseball, or whisper dark secrets into them when no one else is listening. Sketch one out here, where this player’s left hand would be.

Step 6: Pants

Running around the outfield, squatting over bases, sliding in dirt—if your baseball player plans to do any of these things, they’re going to need one tough pair of pants. When you draw them, try giving them a little scrunchy, bunched-up look near the knees.

Step 7: Socks

Protect those shins with some really tall socks. Your baseball player will thank you for it later.

Step 8: Shoes

Need a little traction on the ground? How ’bout a nice pair of shoes? Functional and stylish!

Step 9: Face

Playing a game of baseball means absolutely nothing if you don’t feel anything. Draw a face for your baseball player, and help them express their deep, complex feelings about America’s pastime.


That’s one grand slam of a drawing you’ve got there! Who knows, maybe your accomplishment will inspire you to do something even greater, such as fulfilling your childhood dream of becoming a baseball. Anything is possible.

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