Asked at Sunday Farmer’s Market at 8th and X streets:

Which musical act would you like to see come to Sacramento?

“Well obviously Billie Eilish … Honestly, I love her sound and really the emotion, the intensity of her lyrics and her presentation, the way that she marries the music with the lyrics to bring across a message.” – Sabrina Knight, state worker

“Aesop Rock … It’s a lot of beat poetry stuff. He’s got a lot of substance. He talks about a lot of stuff that’s not just political, but down at the person, street-level stuff.” – Devin Griffis, anthropology student

“I’m thinking wish list, like they haven’t played forever, but [the Red Hot] Chili Peppers. They’re one of my top favorite bands. In high school I saw them play probably four or five times.” – Rochelle Bland, business analyst

“I like West Coast bass music and I work with [a local music promoter], and one of the artists that we’ve been talking about bringing is a bass artist called Truth.” – Mike Matthews, retail and audio worker

“I’d say acts like Secret Chiefs 3, or bands that have a performance aspect to them that’s more than just the music.” – Allie Jessa Taft, herbal topical-maker

“Tame Impala. They’re an incredible show to go see. It’s just like, the visual performance more so than just the music. It’s just very encapsulating.” – Gray Baker, state worker

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