James Cavern hits The Voice

So local singer-songwriter and SN&R cover star (not to mention 2013 Sammies Artist of the Year) James Cavern finally made his national TV debut on tonight’s episode of The Voice.

Cavern performed Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On” but, unfortunately, none of the judges turned their chairs. 

Adam Levine, citing Gaye as maybe his “all-time favorite artist,” noted the late soul singer was a hard artist to cover.

And Usher offered this:

“If you don’t live up to or either exceed expectations it can’t benefit you … [but] you did add something that was different, you have have raspy tone that Marvin adds every so often … I want to hear more of that.”

Cavern told me it was a show mentor who advised he “tone down” that rasp in his voice.

If he had the chance to do it again, Cavern added, he’d definitely listen to his gut.

“I was like, son of a bitch,” said Cavern. “But I didn’t leave feeling any ill will at all. Why would I complain? I just got professional feedback.”

Cavern also said the experience confirmed two things for him.

“It cemented to me that a) I’m doing the right thing and B) that this is it for me–this is what I want to do,” he said. “You go on TV show like that, and in a sense be denied, it’s tough but the show did great job of preparing [contestants] and you just don’t know what ‘s going to happen.”

Cavern, who is currently on tour with Arden Park Roots, took to his Facebook page to thank everyone for their support:

“I went from playing open mics every night 3 years ago, to playing one of the biggest stages on national TV,'” he posted. “Thank you everyone for all the undying support. A BIG thank you to #TheVoice for giving me such an amazing platform to share my passion. My road doesn’t end here.”

For the record, Usher did suggest that Cavern come back and audition again so, who knows, maybe that particular door to opportunity will re-open.

Stay tuned.

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