Self-care for your inner Sweet Creature

Treat yourself to a spa day at home. (Photo courtesy of Kayla Keys-Sanderson)

Self-care is crucial, especially during these times. Whether it’s taking a long walk to clear the mind, reciting morning meditations or soaking in a warm bubble bath, we can all use a little more TLC while stuck at home.

Natural aromas such a rose, fig and sage or deep, woody scents like cedar, cardamom and saffron are just a few aromatics that brighten Desiree Bush’s mood. She uses these fragrances along with organic oils and flower petals to create her line of luxurious bath products known as Sweet Creature CBD.

Vegan milk bath with moon tea and violet. (Photo courtesy of Kayla Keys-Sanderson)

“I think it’s very helpful to introduce an aromatherapy aspect. The scents are things that I find soothing or energizing or whatever intention I have for that product at that time,” Bush says. “I try to be very picky about what type of scents I purchase. I love when things smell nice and are beautiful.”

She uses hemp-derived CBD, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, in all of her products. It’s an ingredient that she says has helped her achy joints from working long hours in the restaurant industry, where she’s an accomplished bartender.

“What I wanted to do the most is to create a product that could help people focus on their self-care routine just to put a little bit more of that energy back into themselves,” Bush says. “Especially in the service industry where you see high addiction and suicide rates. I think showing people that they can reinvest in themselves even if it’s 30 seconds or 30 minutes, whatever they need to do to add a little self-worth to their day.”

Sweet Creature carries CBD hand sanitizer with aloe vera gel, roll-on fragrances scented with Meyer lemon and thyme, organic mango-butter hand salves, goat milk- and glycerin-based soaps, dead sea bath salts, vegan coconut milk baths and bath bombs and self-massage ointments peppered with lemongrass and frankincense. They’re all created from Bush’s original recipes.

“It makes you feel like you’re walking through an enchanted garden,” Bush says. “I want to give you the impression of a luxury, organic, mindful spa experience that you can really enjoy. Something where you really feel like you’re getting a treat.”

Find Sweet Creature products at Aioli Bodega, 1800 L St.;
(916) 447-9440.

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  1. Thank you for your support on our business, been a long time reader with my old band being in the events multiple times and now seeing Dezi and I’s business getting in here has been wonderful. Thanks again

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