So much ramen

There’s a new ramen spot in town called Raijin Ramen House. It’s located right across the street from (and has the same owners as) Ryujin Ramen House on the corner of 19th and S streets. The new spot boasts many different types of ramen, and a few of the same—including tan tan ramen and the vegetarian yasai ramen.

We visited Raijin over the weekend to try a few bowls, because, well—who doesn’t love ramen? Here’s a story we did a while back on the ramen craze. And here’s a photo of the garlic shio tonkotsu:

Note: I souped it up (sorry, couldn’t resist) with some corn to add sweetness, because I find that most bowls of ramen are relatively salty. That black liquid on top is black sesame oil, which comes standard with the bowl. So do ground pork, a soft-boiled egg, green onion, a couple slices of chasu, fried garlic, and strips of black seaweed. Shio is a salt-based ramen broth, and tonkotsu is a pork-based broth, so this tasted like a blend of the two—all boosted with garlic. 

Here’s the spicy champon ramen:

It features a pork-based broth with chasu, shrimp, scallops, and a bunch of crunchy veggies (including cabbage, onion, carrot, bean sprouts, mushrooms and corn)—plus we spruced it up with some extra bamboo. The dish is essentialy a take on the popular Korean seafood noodle soup dish called champong. Raijin’s version is delicious and much porkier tasting than the version at Ramen & Rice—which has a more full seafood flavor. Both versions are great.

We’re excited to try some of the other dishes, including the okonomiyaki pancakes and pork-belly buns.

And here’s a scan of Raijin’s full menu (click to enlarge): 


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