Del Taco wants SN&R to eat a Crunchtada. And wear earplugs.

I’m pretty sure the last time I ate at Del Taco was the day I camped out in line at Fry’s Electronics for a 32-inch TV on Black Friday about five years ago. In other words, it was the only thing in Sacramento open at 3:45 a.m. 

But now I might have to give the Mexican fast food chain a second chance, because it sent SN&R a $5 gift card and a set of red earplugs in order for us to sample its new menu item: the Crunchtada.

I feel special. Or, maybe I’m just the only one in the office willing to eat this stuff. (People seem to know me as the “weird foods” guy.)

And I’m going to share the experience with Pageburner readers when I post photos and a review of the Crunchtada within the next week. Nutrition information for the unimaginatively named food creation is still unavailable, which is scary, considering the Chili Cheese Fry Burrito is surprisingly one of the healthier things on Del Taco’s menu. 

Anyway, the Crunchtada is touted as “a tostada that doesn’t take crunch lightly; a tostada with flavor so bold, it will awaken tastebuds you didn’t even know you had.”

Yeah, right.

Still, I expect the food to be at least one step better than Taco Bell, which now calls its meat “protein”;  and one or two steps below Jimboys, which is probably my favorite Mexican fast food place in Sacramento besides El Forestero.

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