Hey, it's OK if DeMarcus Cousins totally pranked you; we wanted to believe, too

By Blake Gillespie


Despite our own Nick Miller's prediction that DeMarcus Cousin’s r&b album, Misunderstood, would be the best album of 2014, the announcement was merely an April Fool’s hoax. Which means, DeMarcus was 3,000 feet in the air with his teammates on a plane to Los Angeles to face the Lakers, laughing at the fast one he pulled on us.

On Sunday DeMarcus began his hoax by posting an Instagram pic of his alleged album, performing under the moniker Boogie Smooth, which featured the Sacramento Kings center leaning against an expensive car outside a mansion. The ruse continued with a promo video featuring industry talking heads endorsing Cousins’ talent as a vocalist, while cutting to footage of Boogie at a piano.
The promo page on his website is now gone and the demarcuscousins.com site has been restored to its normal state, long with footage of what the Kings center really sounds like at a piano. It ain’t pretty.
Now that it’s officially a joke, it all seems so obvious. The album title, the announced guest appearance of Chance the Rapper on the lead single “Emotional”, and then bonus track – which should have been the obvious tipping point – “Big Fellas”.
And, yet, we reserved judgment because Cousins’ had gone through the trouble of pressing actual jewel cases, and with the Kings still in a rocky rebuilding phase, we needed this.
Looks like our Kings music collection will have to remain at Wayman Tisdale’s Power Forward and C. Webb’s 2 Much Drama.
Watch here:

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