Thanks, random food blogger, for saving the Sacramento Kings!

OK, so Daina Falk isn’t exactly a random food blogger. In addition to writing the blog The Hungry Fan, she’s also daughter to NBA agent David Falk and the person who posted that now infamous January 8 Tweet:

So I hear that the Seattle Kings is officially a done deal! The Maloofs finally sold the ailing Sacramento team. #NBA

Falk then followed it up a day later with the following Tweet:

Heard it from a friend in the know…

Say what you will about the drama of the last few month and its outcome (sick of it, glad it’s over, hate / love the Kings, screw the Maloofs, whatever), it’s kind of weird to think that none of it might have played it out this way if not for Falk’s off-the-cuff Tweet. Until, there’d been no indication that the Maloof brothers were looking to sell the team to a Seattle investor–it could’ve been mighty easy for the Maloofs to have kept mum until it was too late to change anything. Never mind that Falk eventually deleted those tweets (as if anything ever really disappaers from the Internet), her virtual chattiness was a game-changer.

What’s funny now, though, is that Falk’s trying to downplay her role–as well as the role of her father.

In a May 16 open letter to USA Today (also posted on her blog), Falk writes: 


In January, I was notified of a handshake deal that would drastically affect the fate of the fans of Sacramento and Seattle. Because of my name, everyone assumed my source was my father. They must not know that his success has depended to a great degree on his ability to maintain the confidences of a number of competing clients. Other conspiracy theorists concluded that I was the designated mouthpiece of another David, who is someone I admire and respect and who has been a friendly supporter of mine. Suffice it to say, you can rule out the Davids as my source. Let’s leave it at that. 

So, your dad is an NBA sports agent but that’s not where you, just a humble food blogger, got your super top secret information? 

Well, OK then.

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