Obviously, SN&R doesn't get out to comedy gigs that often

SN&R kinda big-time screwed up this year’s Best of Sacramento nominees for Best Comedian. We apologize.

Co-editor Rachel Leibrock will address this face-palm moment in the next issue’s Editor’s Note. But, until then, here’s what we’ve done: outreach to local comedians. We listened to feedback and modified the list of nominees.

Which is the right thing to do. And it’s still “fair.” There’s seven weeks left to vote, so don’t worry that the new nominees are behind in the game, or that the vote is compromised or controversial. The ballot has only been live for less than 48 hours. It’s all good. Have fun with it and vote here now!

Anyway, the new nominees:

Best person to make you laugh

Cheryl Anderson

Ngaio Bealum

Michael Calvin Jr.

Jaime Fernandez

Steve Ferris

Steph Garcia

Keith Lowell Jensen

Ray Molina

Queenie T T

Micaela Pettigrew

Carlos Rodriguez

Johnny Taylor

Mike E Winfield

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