Ask Joey

Ex lives

Knowing what her man used to be, can she respect who he is now?

A parent trap

Joey advises a reader to not let her sister-in-law’s hot mess tantrums affect her.

Family matters

Joey advises one reader to ignore her siblings’ weak response to her pregnancy and another reader to adult up with his family.

Paying mom

Her husband received a surprise inheritance from his father, who left the family 30 years ago. Her mother-in-law wants that money. Who should have a say?

Trump muffin

Her hubby’s so obsessed with talking about the president, she’s thinking of divorcing him after 43 years. But will that solve it?

Don’t give it weight

Not all criticism is helpful, or even about you. Here’s how to deal with people projecting their unresolved issues your way.

His naked face

She’s tired of getting tangled in his beard. Can Ask Joey get him closer to the razor’s edge?

A living example

She left an abusive man, but they keep rejoining for sex. He’s the father of her daughter, and she feels like she’s neglecting her baby. Bad mom?