Forever Goldrush brings the full lunar flush with new ‘Moonflowers,’ album release party Oct. 14 in Rancho  

The cover to Forever Goldrush's new record "Moonflowers"

By Casey Sexton

Forever Gold Rush has certainly come a long way since their formation in 1997, and their latest studio album, “Moonflowers,” is a testament to their enduring talent and musical evolution. Produced by Tim Bluhm, frontman of the legendary band “The Mother Hips,” this album is a significant milestone for the band, marking their fifth studio release.

The album opens with a charming touch, as a glockenspiel introduces the first track, “I’m Alive.” The delicate acoustic arpeggios and the increasing intensity of the snare roll immediately set the tone for an album that exudes confidence, uniqueness, and simplicity. Damon Wyckoff’s smoky vocals shine as he sings, “I’m alive, and I’m coming for you / I’m a burning ball of fire for you.” It’s the kind of song that beckons you to don your headphones, dim the lights, and savor a drink as you lose yourself in its melodies.

“Moonflowers” is a reflection of life and growing up in the serene foothills of Northern California, specifically Amador County, where Damon and Josh were both raised. The album serves as a meditation on the challenges faced in a rural community, including issues like drug abuse and depression. Damon Wyckoff’s songwriting connects deeply with the struggles and experiences of those in his community.

One standout track is “Going it Alone,” where Josh Lacey’s music composition shines. His use of a 1963 Gibson SG-white guitar produces a driving and percussive score that’s a pure delight for the ears. The chunky, muted rhythm and ringing open chords showcase the band’s joy during the recording process, emphasizing vintage amps and a genuine passion for their craft.

The album artwork, created by Jill Leighton, a Scottish singer-songwriter/artist, and Justin Butler, a Sacramento musician/artist, adds an artistic touch that complements the music’s essence.

Moreover, the album launch event at Claimstake Brewing in Rancho Cordova promises to be a night of celebration and music. The collaboration beer, “Chicken Bone Forcefield,” a West Coast Pilsner with refreshing and aromatic qualities and a crisp finish, adds to the festivities. This beer, with its 5.5% ABV, is the perfect accompaniment to a night of musical enjoyment.

Those dropping by Claimstake can get a live taste of why “Moonflowers” is a testament to Forever Goldrush’s battered musical journey, and their deep connection to the rural community that shaped them. It’s an album filled with honesty, reflection, and musical craftsmanship that will surely resonate with both longtime fans and newcomers alike. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to celebrate with the band at Claimstake Brewing on Saturday, October 14th, 2023. It promises to be a night filled with great music, good company, and delicious beer.

Casey Sexton is the producer for Casey Sexton Presents and talent buyer for The Side Door in Sacramento – ‘curating talent, creating magic’

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  1. Patricia Badilla | October 6, 2023 at 2:01 pm | Reply

    Beautifully written. So descriptive!! Makes me want to hear the music!

  2. wow! just in the depictions, makes me want to hear u guys!very descriptive ,and intriguing !!!!
    now I’m totally curious!!

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