Behind the Issues 01: Discussing independent journalism with local Sacramento writers

Managing Editor Steph Rodriguez talks about her favorite issue from this past year: The Comfort Food Issue

The Comfort Food Issue


Hi, my name is Stephanie Rodriguez, and I’m the managing editor at the Sacramento News & Review. I oversee the Dish section, as well as the Cannabis section. I also like to program different special issues throughout the year.

How long have you been working at SN&R?

Officially, like two years. Unofficially, freelancing – coming in as a contractor to help copy edit – like ten years.

Let’s chat about your favorite issue from this year: The Comfort Food Issue.

I remember it was summer time and I was thinking: “Well, what do I want to do for winter? Last winter we did dessert…” and then I started thinking about what I like to eat–and what I think the majority of people enjoy–is hearty comforting dishes. And I thought, “Oh, If I asked chefs (because they know what they’re doing,) if they could give me a recipe from their childhood…” And it just grew from there. It became like a little, mini, Recipe book for Sacramento. It’s always wonderful to see how you can have a little idea, and then get with the right creative people, and just make it happen. Once I had that physical copy, I couldn’t believe it. It just makes this job really special.

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