Hotline Kings: What is up with the Vivek-Drake bromance?

Sacramento first noticed the power couple last month, when the Canadian rapper sat courtside with the bachelor Kings owner during a home game against the San Antonio Spurs. What a curious match: Drake, 29, into dancing inside neon boxes and giving his hometown Toronto stupid nicknames. Vivek, 58, into mispronouncing the nicknames of the rappers his daughter dates and creating software so that Wall Street can screw over Main Street. Little in common, save for money and power. 

Would it be enough?

Indeed, the bromance persevered. Drake and Vivek recently were spotted in Las Vegas. Drake attended Vivek’s holiday party.

Yesterday, Vivek played guide to Drake on a private, intimate tour of the new downtown arena. Drake posted a photo of them, arm-in-arm, on Instagram, with a caption referring to Vivek as “the boss don.” Cute.

Last evening, the two rubbed elbows and laughed courtside—again—as the Kings spanked the Houston Rockets. Win streak!

What is going on here? Is this some Pretty Woman arrangement? Vivek as Richard Gere, dropping commas on Drake? Does Mr. Ranadive woo his Six God with lobster and Celiné? Or do they just bro down with chicken-finger fries?

To that end: Is this affair even for real? Does Drake actually find Vivek’s trademark “hang loose” pose charming? Will Drake enjoy rolling in the 916 (with the Kings’ woes) for more than just a couple dates?

All we know is: Them boys up to something.

We also know that, when Vivek and Drake are arm-in-arm, The Boss Don’s better judgment goes AWOL. Such is love. For instance: After the Kings brutal home loss to San Antonio last month—and just after DeMarcus Cousins cussed out coach George Karl—Vivek thought it wise to sneak his Drizzy into the locker for an introduction to the players. Awkward!

All right, enough: What is Drivek really all about?

Forbes may know: Yesterday, they reported that Vivek will oversee a new technology fund at the University of California. He’ll be doling out grants to eye-catching start-ups and synergizing the tech-and-entertainment industries, which means connecting geeks with stars like Drake.

Specifically, he’s going to get Drake to post on Snapchat about our future tech overlords. “If you’re a startup with a very small marketing budget and a guy like Drake can like your product and tweet it, that’s worth millions and millions,” Vivek told Forbes.

Bingo: Vivek is pimping out Drake’s Instagram to Silicon Valley. 

Ah, friendship.

Before Drivek even reads this, their relationship might be over. But just one last request: Vivek, please book Drake as the debut act at the new arena. Put a ring on it.

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