K.J. attorneys admit vast majority of 'privileged' emails in SN&R lawsuit not privileged after all

Let’s do a quick recap:

SN&R requested emails from the city of Sacramento pertaining to Mayor Kevin Johnson and the National Conference of Black Mayors.

The city of Sacramento was prepared to release these emails in June.

K.J.'s attorney’s threatened to sue our writer Cosmo Garvin for requesting the emails.

We ignored the threats.

K.J. actually sued us.

We went to court.

The judge said that K.J.'s attorneys and the city attorneys needed to create a “privilege log” of the emails. This log includes who sent them, who received them, the subject, etc.

Weeks passed.

Today, we received the privilege log.

Turns out, K.J.s attorneys only consider 87 of the 475 emails withheld from SN&R as protected under attorney-client privilege.

What’s next?

Well, we’re going to look through the privilege log to see what’s in there: If there’s anything interesting, what the mayor wants to protect, what he wants to hide, and if any of the emails appear as if privilege has been waived.

And … why not help us!

Below is the privilege log, and underneath it a glossary of who’s who.

See anything? Send us an email: nickam@newsreview.com.

KJ/SN&R lawsuit privilege log by NickMiller

KJ/SN&R lawsuit privilege log glossary by NickMiller

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