Want to read some of Mayor Kevin Johnson's emails? Here you go!

You’re not supposed to spy on people’s email. But when you’re a public servant, your emails are public record. It’s part of that whole transparency thing. I know, what an inconvenience. Or at least that’s how Mayor Kevin Johnson sees it: He’s sicced his lawyers on SN&R to keep public records from us, and he’s also hiding a grip load of email on private Gmail accounts. The content of these emails are public business—heck, a lot of the emails are campaign and election business mixed with mayoral work (hello, FPPC!)—yet the Gmails remain secret.

Anyway, SN&R has obtained some of K.J.'s emails in recent months (he’s still hiding most of them). So, we figured, why not share them with you, our dear readers. Here they are. This collection includes more than 3,000 pages of emails and records.

Again, here’s the link: https://www.scribd.com/collections/14354387/KJ-email-and-records.

Here is an example of the emails, all of which are archived on Scribd.com:

This email collection on Scribd is searchable for keywords, etc. Have fun. Let me know if you find anything: nickam@newsreview.com.

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