Last Week Tonight with John Oliver reminds Sacramento that subsidizing sports arenas still a vomit-inducing policy

I’m chilling on the couch with the dog, watching one of my favorite shows, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, when this image pops up:

There it is. Oh, hell, yes. That’s me.

I’m the Kings fan, for life, but I’m barfing. I’m yacking all over #MidtownBro.

Why? Because I can’t believe that Kings ownership held the city for ransom and suckered us for a cool $350 million (or more) subsidy.

Because I can’t believe that the Kings and the mayor weaseled their way out of a community-benefits agreement.

Because I thought Sacramento was better than all the other cities, worldwide, whose leaders throw beaucoup bucks at billionaires.

Anyway, I can sense my blood pressure rising, so just watch last night’s bloody brilliant episode. Here you go:

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