TBD NYE block party map, schedule and expectations

It’s New Year’s Eve, and midtown is already buzzing in anticipation of TBD Fest’s block party tonight.

The event is completely sold out. No more VIPs, no more $80 super last-minute tickets and nothing left at the door. There’s still some movement on the Facebook page for buying and reselling. 

Now, what can we expect?

Hard to say. Last night, organizers released a difficult-to-read map (pictured above) of the space as well as the main stage schedule (also above). There will be free bike valet, car valet and parking lots in the neighborhood. But really, use the bike valet.

LowBrau will stay open throughout the night, surely slinging endless duck fat fries and drinks. There will be bars with cocktails, wine and beer set up along the block, too. No backpacks, empty bottles, outside food or drinks are allowed. No ins and outs, so if you want to see Sister Crayon, know you’re in for a long night.

You’ll also almost certainly need some food. Your options are LowBrau, Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop, Azul and Pizzeria Urbano. Apart from LowBrau, the other businesses plan to feel out the night as it goes. But Mr. Pickle’s and Azul anticipate being open until about 1:30 a.m. and Urbano until about 1 a.m. Plan accordingly. 

We’re not sure about the water situation—given what happened at TBD Fest in October, we are of course concerned about becoming dehydrated. Even though it’ll be freezing cold, people will be drunk and dancing all night and inevitably getting dehydrated. We hope there won’t be long lines inside each business for tiny water cups, or that the only option is paying for water. 

We’re not totally sure where the artists not listed in the schedule—DJ GregJ, Sam I Jam, Jurts—are performing. VIP annex, perhaps?

It all winds down around 1 a.m., so of course there’s an afterparty. It’s at Midtown Barfly, and Oliver will make an appearance. It starts at 10 p.m. and runs til 4 a.m., so if you still have no New Year’s Eve plans at all, the afterparty could totally be your entire party. 


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