Pregnant's kid reviews experimental music and it's adorable

Daniel Trudeau is a prolific man. See projects like his electronic band Pregnant’s latest record John Raw. (OK, nothing is quite like John Raw.)

It’s impossible to alert folks to everything Trudeau is up to, but Ten Yrs Ahead of You seems worthy. Especially in light of the internet’s recent fascination with incomprehensible child jokes. See exhibit A and B.

Ten Yrs Ahead of You is a music blog–think a podcast without the regularity or subscriptions–in which Trudeau’s daughter Juniper reviews new, usually experimental music. The project began last November when Juniper was 3 years old and has been on hiatus since July. But Trudeau plans to start it back up again in April when Juniper turns 5, perhaps because of internet trends or perhaps because she’ll have more to say.

The seven episodes online are pretty damn adorable. Juniper’s already got a great ear and innovative vocabulary. The most recent, a review of Dream Warrior by Ylang Ylang, is my personal favorite. Not just because it starts out with a fart.

Daniel: If you were to draw a picture about this music, what would it be?

Juniper: Buttheads.

D: What else?

J: It would be penises.

D: Ew. Uh oh.

Daniel reminds Juniper that she signed a very important contract, earning $5 per month to critique these artists. She gets more serious.

D: If this music were waterfalls, ferns or ponies, what would it be?

J: It would be ponies.

D: It would be ponies? OK second question. If this music could be played out of a unicorn butt, or a monster butt, or a princess butt, what would you play this out of?

J: A horsie butt.

D: One more question, if you were gonna dance to this music what would you wear. Would you wear face paint? Would you wear monster clothing? Or would you wear glow in the dark skeleton clothes?

J:I would wear dress skeleton glowing clothes.

D: If you were to have all your friends over, would you play this music for them?

J: Yes.

A resoundingly positive review.

On Delicate Steve’s Positive Force:

D: What did you think of the music, baby?

J: Stars.

D: What kind of stuff did you hear in the music?

J: Um. A bunny.

On Michael RJ Saalman’s Ripe Hymns:

D: What’d you think of it?

J: Your eye.

D: What else?

J: Um. Nose.

Closing thoughts on Nima’s Spirit Signs:

J: I just know what to do. My toys is special. I love you anyway. Goodbye. Thank you for everything. And public radio.

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