What's Sacramento's best burrito?

Nate Silver announced yesterday on his FiveThirtyEight blog that he’s searching for the best burrito in the United States

It’s a crazy task that involves data mining, a Burrito Selection Committee (which includes ¡Ask a Mexican! columnist Gustavo Arellano), and a special burrito correspondent. Back in 2007, Silver did a regional “burrito bracket” in which Chicago-area burritos faced off against each other. He narrowed it down to the final five and didn’t finish, “partly because I was beginning work on what would become FiveThirtyEight,” he wrote yesterday.

It got me thinking: Who would be in Sacramento’s burrito bracket? SN&R published an article five years ago (cover pictured above), where Ben Russell searched for the best burrito in town. Russell went to spots like La Fiesta, El Herradero and La Superior, but his journey proved a bit inconclusive.

From my own limited experience, I’d probably have to nominate Chando’s Tacos’ chicken burrito, the paella burrito at Dos Coyotes, Tako Korean BBQ’s spicy pork burrito and the Super Breakfast Burrito at El Forestero. But I’m most certainly no burrito expert, nor have I spent too much time exploring Sacramento burrito spots. I do know that some of the best burritos I’ve ever had came from places in San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle.

In the end, I believe that on one level, food is art. It’s all subjective. How can you judge it?

Still, perhaps there are some places in Sacramento that have awesome burritos. I wouldn’t be surprised if SN&R readers know where they are. Please, help us get to the bottom of it. Are any of Sacramento’s burritos good enough to be nominated for FiveThirtyEight’s America’s Best Burrito competition?

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