Art Mix Prom at the Crocker was way more fun than real prom

So you may have read my rant about prom already, but here’s a quick refresher: High school prom was awkward and lame, and last night provided a chance for redemption.

It was Art Mix—the monthly party for creative-types at the Crocker Art Museum—prom edition. And I was pretty blown away. Obviously it was way, way, way better than any high school prom—largely because you could buy wine by the bottle—but it was also, probably, the most fun I’ve had at any Sacramento party. Definitely the most fun I’ve had before 9 p.m. 

Everyone involved brought their A-game. The DJs sent the room to nostalgia as we pushed it to “Push It,” belted out “Don’t Stop Believin'” and interpretative danced to “Time After Time.” The outfits were absolutely marvelous all-around—so many time periods well-represented, and the commitment to sideburns and mullets was especially admirable. The Best Summer Ever Band nailed a series of suoer rad 90s covers, closing with “Closing Time.”

Check out the glitzy photo booth results here, and this video for a quick taste of the action.

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