This Guy Fieri impression is amazingly accurate

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As I wrote about this week in my Food Stuff column, I recently started watching Eddie Huang’s food and travel show, Fresh Off the Boat. I’ve also been watching back episodes to catch everything I missed by being pretty late to the chase. 

And here’s a gem that I found while doing so: During the first season of the show, Huang mentions celebrity chef (with Sacramento roots) Guy Fieri’s eating customs—right before catching a few waves with some Taiwanese surfers. I’ve also watched plenty of Fieri’s shows, and Huang’s impression is pretty awesome, and amazingly accurate. Here’s the whole clip, if you’ve got a few minutes to kill:

It’s all fun and games though. Huang secretly appreciates Fieri, as he wrote in his 2013 autobiography Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir. It turns out that Huang was once a guest on Fieri’s show Ultimate Recipe Showdown, and even though he lost the competition, Fieri encouraged Huang to keep cooking. Huang thanked him and recalled the conversation after the show in this passage from the book:

“Hey, bro. You kicked ass today, man.”

“Thanks, Guy.”

“No, for real. Look, this is TV. Don’t pay attention to it. You got the chops. Don’t give up.”

“Give up on what?”

“Cooking, dude! Go for it.”

Good job, Fieri. Seriously, you kept it real there, bro. 

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