Fax for the message, we'll be in touch

If you’ve ever wondered, “What kind of person sends a fax anymore?”, you can sort of learn the answer below.

This handwritten letter arrived Monday via the advanced facsimile technology of the 20th century. Now, I’m not alleging time travel played any role here, but I’m also not not alleging that.

Which means I’m basically saying nothing. (Same nonsense, different day.)

I have a story of a innocent man being tortured by some phyco freaks using a satellite. [Misspells “psycho,” but gets “satellite” right. Huh.] I have verifiable proof. [I believe you.] I have tracking pins in me that you will be able to witness being taken out. [I said I believe you!]

I have lived [I’ve lived too, buddy.], raised a son [one for you], worked owned houses [???] and have lots of friends in the Sacramento area [well, bully for you], all my life

I am 52 years old and a good man

I currently live in Woodland with my girlfriend [Sure, he has a girlfriend. Meanwhile, I’m volunteering my Friday nights away to work free singles events.], but I will soon be moving to Sacramento. I work in Rocklin in the title insurance business and have been in the business for 30 years. [Finally, something makes sense.]

I just figured out it was a satellite about a year ago and have been proactive on getting them to stop plus my pins out. This has been going on for 20 years. They have been cautious over the years who they let hear them. They always do a little brain washing first [hey, sometimes it gets dirty] of who they claim to be and not to tell me that they can hear them. They have been fucking bold this last year with the same system. [Windows Vista?] I am not sure exactly what they tell people (now even my work) but nobody talks to me about it. Over the 24 years I am a expert [not at using articles] when people hear them.

Over the years they have sometimes left me alone. Since the end of 2005 when I bought my house, its been pretty steady. My wife who was dying of cancer went through hell with these people. She never told me because they threaten to hurt me. They tortured her for loving me. She died in my arms. I have been isolated, lasered all over my body. Made to wreak my car and the engine blown up in another. These criminals discredited me and had made false accusations detrimental to my work and whole livelihood. I will get justice. I have never done what they say I did. They claim I had aids and knowingly tried to give it to girls I dated. [Whoa.] Of course I never had Aids and knew I never did. They say I am gay and I am not and have never been. [It gets better.] They blow smoke up everybody ass of who they are and say they have somekind of bullshit proof. It don’t exist because I am innocent. [Of being gay? What is this, Sochi?] Why would they still be trying to get me to lie. Boy am I getting threatened now. They block most of my internet access. [Hold on, does this mean you haven’t seen Orange Is the New Black?] If I get something threw, they will delete my emails and Twitter followers. [No!] It’s 24/7 now because I am working on getting my pins out and prosicuting these people. [People hate being prosicuted.] They are not above the law. I can find them, but I need to let people know what’s going on. [Which is where we come in?] Lots more details. Help me bring them to justice by printing my story in any manor you want and restore the moral fibers of society. [Do people still live in manors?–Oh, never mind.]

Check these two cites out. ICAACT.org and surveillanceissues.com. They keep me from contacting them [I don’t recommend anyone visiting those websites. I’ve been tricked before.] 


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