Multiple attacks on women rattle Midtown

Not a good week for public safety in Midtown: Three assaults, including a brutal beating and a rape, according to posts on Public Safety News Network, Reddit, NexDoor, and the city police logs.

First, early this Sunday morning, at 12:46 a.m., a woman was pepper-sprayed and robbed near G and 26th streets.

According to city police Lt. Marc Coopwood, “the victim was walking from her sister’s apartment when she was approached by a male subject who attempted to grab her purse. The victim resisted and was pepper sprayed by the suspect.” 

That’s right: the suspect ended up pepper spraying the victim.

According to the victim, he was wearing gloves and a ski mask. Police will continue with updates on

It gets worse: A day earlier, on Saturday morning after 2 a.m., a woman was grabbed by a man and dragged into the bushes near F and 25th street, where she was sexually assaulted, according to posts on Reddit and NextDoor.

The police log says, however, that law enforcement assisted the victim at Sutter Medical Center just after 3 a.m. and an investigation is ongoing.

And more: Earlier this week, a Boulevard Park resident of Midtown wrote of a friend who was assaulted. Here’s what was posted on

“A friend (female, maybe 5'4” and barely 100lbs) was randomly assaulted by ‘some drunk bros’ (her description); she was left with four fractured ribs and a badly swollen face (still waiting on results of the CT scan). She hasn’t been willing to talk about it much but, it wasn’t an attempted rape, and they didn’t steal anything, so they were either ‘bored’ or singled her out for ‘looking different.'”

According to the post on NextDoor, the victim has not filed a police report.

SN&R will continue coverage this week on these latest incidents.

(This story has been updated since its original post with bolded information. One correction was made via strikethrough.)

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