Today in legal news, keep it classy Sacramento edition:

Not a good day for former Sacramento residents.

First, as the Miami Dade reported this morning, 19-year-old R&B singer Khalil  Sharieff was arrested alongside his pal Justin Bieber when the latter was pulled over on suspicion of a DUI and drag racing. Khalil, who  was once on the Def Jam Recordings roster and uses just his first name professionally, was charged with drag racing and released today on $1,000 bail (Bieber’s bail, by the way, was $2,500).

Now, it’s being reported that former Sacramento resident Hunter Moore has been indicted by the FBI.

Moore is best known for his so-called “revenge porn” site Is Anyone Up. Moore, reportedly distressed after getting dumped by his girlfriend, launched the site in 2009 and used it to post nude pictures of both men and women without the subjects’ permission–and then linking those pictures to the subjects’ social networking sites. A legal investigation documented that many of the people featured on the site claimed the pictures in question were either stolen via hacking or fabricated via Photoshop. Moore shut the site down voluntarily in 2012, only to launch another site on which he not only posted photos but linked them to the subjects’ physical addresses. Nice. (Go ahead and click, the website appears to be nothing more than event posts now, in other words it’s not NSFW).

The Village Voice and Rolling Stone both profiled Moore (the latter dubbed him “the most hated man on the Internet”), but until now he’s largely gotten away with his shady deaiings. Hey, he even headlined a local event at Splash Downtown in December 2012 because why not celebrate the guy as just another “naughty Santa”?

Thankfully that’s changed. Moore, along with his accomplice Gary Evans, has been indicted on several charges of conspiracy as well as seven counts of “aggravated identity theft.”

The indictment charges that Moore paid Evans regularly to obtain nude photographs by “gaining unauthorized access into the victims’ accounts.”

Check out the entire FBI document here.

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