Midtown's only rave party returns this Friday

Let’s rewind to Thanksgiving. Or the day after. I had good heat going at a house party in East Sacramento when my buddy asked something like “You want to go to a rave? In Midtown?” Or maybe I invited myself. Who knows!

What’s important is that, a couple hours later, I ended up at a party called “Twerksgiving.” (I know, right?)

But it was cool. The promoters had transformed their compact Midtown venue—BarFly, which is tucked behind my favorite breakfast spot, Bacon & Butter—into a mini rave, complete with brilliant LED lights, loud beats and girls with Hula-Hoops. No, really, there were girls on platforms shaking hoops festooned with lights. I made a video, of course:

The party was unexpected for “the grid.” There’ve been underground and illegal raves over the years, most recently on the north side of Midtown. But this was above the board, legit. And fun. My brother was rollin'. My friend lost his phone. It was like we were 18.

And it’s all happening again this Friday: Requiem Events presents Throw Down 5.0: The Resolution. Bad nomenclature aside, this 18-and-over dance party is the only thing of its kind in Sacto. I highly recommend it if shakin’ yo’ ass to mainstream EDM beats is your game.

This Friday, January 24, at Midtown Barfly, 9 p.m., $5, 1119 21st Street, www.facebook.com/requiemevents.

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