Scorekeeper IV Winners: Gavin Newsom, stoners, Losers: pizza girls, Bee employees, newspaper owners, Don Geronimo, strong mayor, craft-beer lovers

What the flip?

Looks like someone just couldn’t wait for pizza. Last weekend, a driver managed to flip her Acura after hitting a parked car on J Street just outside of Chicago Fire. After firefighters freed the pinned driver, emergency medical services took her to the hospital, where she was soon released after receiving a DUI.

– .08

Don gone

KHTK Sports 1140 AM canned contentious radio personality Don Geronimo earlier this month, and last week, the host reappeared briefly to say goodbye to listeners and confirm his departure. Hate to kick a guy when he’s down, but Scorekeeper asks, “What would Geronimo do?” He’d kick a guy when he’s down!

– 1140

Higher office

Gavin Newsom may have hit a political ceiling as lieutenant governor. But to stoners, he someday could be a golden god: Newsom formed a group to put a marijuana-legalization measure on the 2016 ballot.

+ 420

No raise for you

Scorekeeper’s local partners in media crime over at The Sacramento Bee received bad news last week: wage freezes. The Bee and other McClatchy Company papers won’t see pay bumps next year, and a memo from the CEO didn’t promise an end to furloughs, either—just that he’s going to try really super hard not to implement them. Yay, journalism!

– 916

Most expensive beer in Sacramento?

The Sacramento Kings revealed their new California craft-beers menu last week at Whatever It’s Friggin’ Called These Days Arena, which included $14 pours of local brews. Because you can’t spell craft beers without BS.

– 14

More controversy, please

A majority of city council members last week called “strong mayor” the most “divisive” and “controversial” issue in Sacramento. And then, a majority voted to keep the issue alive and consider to put it on next year’s ballot.

– 2014

Die, newspapers, die

Last week, Vivek Ranadivé told his TIBCO Software employees during a convention in Las Vegas that their kids will “never, ever” subscribe to a newspaper. Maybe the Sacramento Kings owner doesn’t get it: Without daily newspapers, who will cheerlead for his crappy team and arena project? We guess there’s always TV news.


– 2,100

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