NBA cool cats

 Listen, it’s no secret I’m a crazy lady. Got four of ‘em (and counting).

I also love basketball, although, interestingly most of my cats, save Edith, a.k.a Weird Edith, do not. Something about the way my husband and I jump around and yell at the TV screen, I think).

So of course this NBA Cat Watch Twitter feed warmed my cat fur-covered heart. 

The purpose: “Where trying to figure out which NBA players own cats happens.”

The feed dates back about two years and there’s also a Tumblr, which neatly categorizes cats by team.

It works mostly like this: The person behind the feed and site Tweets NBA-related peeps directly (players, coaches, owners, dancers. relatives, etc) to inquire if they’re a cat owner.

NBA Catch Watch has been working on the Sacramento Kings team lately, but so far the only participant include Kings owner Vivek Ranadive,  who has two cats, a rescue cat and a “Golden Persian.” OK, those details were actually confirmed via his daughter Anjali but, whatever.

Actually Jimmer Fredette’s also played along. Well, kind of: Fredette’s wife Whitney confirmed the couple are “dog people!!!”

C’mon Kings players, play nice with the pretty kitty Twitter feed. I’m dying to know if Ben McLemore is a cat person.

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