Kings owner Vivek suggests that newspapers will die

So Vivek Ranadivé doesn’t just own the Sacramento Kings. He made his millions with Tibco, a software company that among other activities helps Wall Street increase the number of trades (so that they can do millions in a second; financial collapse, anyone?).

Anyway, Tibco software is holding its annual Tucon 2013 convention in Las Vegas this week, where Ranadivé spoke this morning (you can stream Ranadivé’s speech here).

During which he had a lot to say about technology and the 21st century:

“We are entering a new era. I call this Civilization 3.0. … And with the availability of platforms where inviduals can reach large audiences, it’s back to the future. The emphasis shifts back to the value creators. Civilization 3.0 is about offering a service that delivers extreme value to its constituents. …

“We live in a time when the world’s largest music company has no record stores. The world’s largest book company has no bookstores. The world’s largest semiconductor company has not factories. The world’s largest taxi company owns no cars,” he said. Then he added that, in this “age of service,” the world’s largest university will probably have no campus.

He then transition to talking about the future, America’s children, and things that your kids will never ever do:

“Your kids will never check out a library book.”

“Your kids will never get lost.”

“Your kids will glance at your mobile device 400 times a day.”

“Your kids will never, ever subscribe to a newspaper.”

Quickly, Sacramento Bee scribes were Tweeting:

It’s sad, yes. But still:

Denial much?

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